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Useful Links

Residents reporting highway condition issues should use the Herts CC website.

They will then prioritise as appropriate. They prioritise according to criteria including the number of complaints on same issue; however, all local authorities are under immense pressure, and sometimes their priorities will not reflect those of residents. We can often achieve success in liaising with Herts Highways by requesting that they re-evaluate a reported problem, so it is given higher priority.

With local knowledge, we are better placed to understand issues such as accident and speeding blackspots, which can then be reported, with a view to seeking a solution. We have been instrumental in the installation of Speed Indicator Devices (smiley faces) which have contributed to the reduction in vehicle speed through the village.

Unless highway accidents/ incidents are reported to the police they will not be picked up on road safety data. Without this it makes it difficult for us to demonstrate that there is a genuine problem or issue that needs action. Additionally, please inform the Parish Clerk of highway accidents/incidents.